About Mike is my personal blog to showcase my abilities and interests. After twenty years in the music industry, clubs and radio broadcasting, sales, marketing and product development experience with Warner Elektra Atlantic Records, there’s some great stories to be told about the music business.

After becoming fascinated by computers, I migrated into information technology and performed helpdesk and user support for over ten years. Then I moved into blogging, social networking and online marketing, which opened up another world for me.

I’m currently blogging about one of my favorite subjects, classic rock and live music…MusicRamble is about all types of music including my favorite genre classic rock, and the blog features new releases, classic albums, major concerts and festivals, and my favorite artists, groups and bands.

So Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment on my posts, as that’s a great part of blogging. The interaction with the reader and the exchange of ideas makes blogging an exciting part of online digital publishing.

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