Ride The Wave

I’ve always been the nervous type, which makes it difficult to deal with those stressful situations like job interviews and public speaking.

You know that nervous feeling where your brain says “it’s OK, relax, everything will work out fine,” and your body still tenses up, muscles knot up, palms sweat, eyes twitch, and feet shuffle?

I’ve found that if I can “get on top of it,” meaning don’t try to relax at that moment, you know your body can’t, go ahead and tell yourself it’s OK to be nervous. Make it work for you! Fuel your excitement with the adrenalin of the moment, let it flush your body with enthusiasm for the job at hand, interview, speech, whatever you’re doing, by accepting the nervousness of the moment. Let yourself be excited about it, instead of nervous, so that rush of excitement will propel you forward.

The surfer analogy works here…ride the wave of nerves by getting excited about whatever you’re doing, and don’t try to relax.

Focus on what you’re doing, and let your heart race and palms sweat. Like a good surfer with your feet firmly planted on your board, ride the wave all the way to the beach, all the while reaching out for your goals and keeping your balance.

Ride the wave and don’t let those nerves crush your moment of glory. You can do it. Train your brain.

Blogging is my personal blog is my personal blog to showcase my abilities and interests. I started building this a couple years ago and got sidetracked with other projects, but feel it’s time now to get back to blogging and writing about my life experiences.

After twenty years in the music industry, clubs and radio broadcasting, sales, marketing and product development experience with Warner Elektra Atlantic Records, there’s some great stories to be told about the music business.

After becoming fascinated by computers, I migrated into information technology and worked doing helpdesk support for over ten years. Then I moved into blogging, social networking and online marketing, which opened up another world for me.

I’m currently blogging about classic rock and music in general, astronomy and space exploration, and the world wide web and technology.

MusicRamble is about all types of music including my favorite genre classic rock, and the blog features new releases, classic albums, major concerts and festivals, and my favorite artists, groups and bands.

DailyRover covers the world wide web and it’s enormous array of online technology, devices and software applications, including cloud computing and it’s benefits and influence on our daily lives.

So Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment on my posts, as that’s a great part of blogging. The interaction with the reader and the exchange of ideas makes blogging an exciting part of online digital publishing.

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