Astronomy East Texas

Looking Through The Trees

I thought of this title…Looking Through the Trees…from the perspective of living in East Texas, which is a heavily wooded area with lots of tall pine trees, among other species of full sized trees that tower over the horizon of these gentle rolling hills.

As I was outside tonight I glimpsed the winter constellation Orion, poised over a nearby tree, ringed by the bright planet Jupiter which hung in the clear night sky, just arc seconds away from the full moon.

This is a great area for sky watching, with clear dark skies most of the year. Sometimes the tall trees can obscure stars and constellations from view, but I’ve learned from careful observations that most of the time you can see all these celestial objects right through the branches of a tree, if you position yourself where you can clearly see these pinpoints of light shining through.

Amateur astronomy can be a fun hobby by backyard observing, especially if you consult a regular source of upcoming celestial events such as meteor showers, comets, and the occasional eclipse.

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