2014 Music

Music Mondays January 2014

Music Mondays twice a month are featuring Withrow Cooley…hosted by A Circle of Ten…

The Jam Sessions and the Acoustic Pickin’ Circles at A Circle of Ten’s Event & Education Center are now providing the opportunity to play live music in downtown Jacksonville, and is a regular monthly gig for Withrow Cooley.

Our Jam Session on January 6th featured Withrow Cooley and Friends…David Cooley on guitar…Mike Withrow on drums…Phil Rumbley on bass…Earl Knoob on guitar…Logan Strong on guitar & piano…Mitchell Arnold on drums…Jared Kirkpatrick on drums…and L.J. on percussion.  It was a small but enthusiastic crowd!

Monday January 20th will be our next Acoustic Pickin’ Circle!  We hope to see all our regular performers attend as well as some new pickers.  The bar was set pretty high last month when we had over a dozen players in the circle, which featured guitars, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and percussion.

I would like to thank A Circle of Ten for providing the opportunity to promote live music and the performing arts here in Jacksonville, Texas.  Furthermore, a personal thank you to my brother and musical partner David Cooley, without whom none of this would be possible.

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