2013…the year that was


I started with a new venture in 2013…from January through March I was privileged to work with my brother David at the Phoenix Square Coffee Shop and Deli in downtown Jacksonville, Texas.  Those retail doors closed last spring, but my brother David Cooley and I perform as the guitar duo of  Withrow Cooley, and continue to play gigs when schedules permit.

Since April I’ve been working in customer service and tech support with New Corporation and DirecTV, as part of a work at home workforce of hourly representatives remotely connected by the internet and telephone.  The hours aren’t great but it’s cool to work from home with a headset, mouse and keyboard, if you don’t mind staring at a monitor for eight hours a day.

Withrow Cooley had some great gigs in 2013…

  • Jam Sessions at Phoenix Square were always exciting because you never knew who was jamming with who!
  • Sweet Dreams Winery in Palestine is one of Withrow Cooley‘s favorite places to play and hang out at.
  • Jam Sessions and the acoustic Pickin’ Circle at A Circle of Ten’s Event & Education Center are now providing the opportunity to play live music in downtown Jacksonville, and is a regular monthly gig for Withrow Cooley!
  • The December acoustic Pickin Circle at Rolands Next Door was hosted by Roland Brown and Johnnie Helm, and featured some of my favorite local players like David Cooley, Logan Strong, David VanWert, and the Lykins family.

Interesting that I started the year working out of a retail building at the corner of Main and Commerce streets in downtown Jacksonville, and find myself working out of the same building again just twelve months later.  Teaming up with the right people makes all the difference in the world, and I’m looking forward to forming new partnerships and finding creative new ways to improve my life.

Here’s to faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, hope for the new year, and love to my family and friends…and a great new year full of wonderful new opportunities in 2014…